Steps in project

In this section, you may find information, methods and best practices on project design & management to facilitate your access to funding of any donor and to improve your performance when managing projects. Moreover, to facilitate in particular your relationship with EuropeAid and the adoption of a set of quality standards compatible with EC requirements, you may see that we have dedicated an entire section to the preparation, implementation and closing of EuropeAid funded actions.

The information included in this section comes from different sources:

  • Working tools, manuals and tips on project design & management comes from funding agencies, development & cooperation organisations and other related actors – go to International Best Practices
  • Templates and procedures related to EuropeAid come from official publications published by the European Commission and its Directorate General in charge with the Development and Cooperation (EuropeAid) – go to EuropeAid .

Many working tools and tips have however been developed by punto.sud: in any case, all sources of information are clearly quoted.


Here you may find information, manuals, toolkits and much more on the various phases of the project cycle (design of projects, implementation, management etc) in use by the main funding agencies for development.

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This section guides you throughout the various phases related to the access to EuropeAid funding,and to the management, reporting and closing EuropeAid funded projects. It is divided into four main sections, following the logic of the project cycle:

  • EuropeAid at Work In this section you will find information on the structure, priorities, instruments, principles and requirements set by EuropeAid to delivery aid. This information covers the needs of civil society organisations to become fully aware of the conditions and principles on which partnership with EuropeAid is based.
  • Preparing a ProjectThis section provides key information to grant applicants, reviews the main steps and modalities of preparation and submission of project proposals. It covers in detail the rules of the calls for proposals, the principles of eligibility, the financing modalities, the procedure and means of submission of proposals to EuropeAid, and provides key information on the structure of the Grant Contract and the procedure to sign it.
  • Implementing a Project This section aims at supporting EuropeAid's partners in all aspects of the project's implementation. It extensively covers the mandatory standards and procedural requirements related to procurement. It also provides guidance and information on the procedures to be followed in case of amendment, modification, or suspension of the Grant Contract and provides support on the preparation and submission of the intermediate report. It sheds light on the Beneficiary(ies)’s obligation in terms of visibility and communication of EU-financed actions and reviews the mandatory activities as reported in the newest version of the Communication and Visibility Manual for EU External Actions. This section also contains key information and suggestions to establish a proper monitoring system and carry out a correct evaluation of the intervention.
  • Closing a Project This last section covers all aspects related to the closure of a project. It provides guidance during the preparation and submission of final reports and request for the final payment; overviews the scenario of the termination of the Agreement by the EC. It also provides support and indications on the audit phase according to the EU applicable regulations.