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 +====== ACRONYMS ======
 +^Acronym^Definition^Internal link^Tag^
 +|**AAP**|Annual Action Programme| ​   ​
 +|**ACP**|African,​ Caribbean, Pacific| ​
 +|**AIDS**|Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome |
 +|**Art**|Article ​     |  ​
 +|**AWP**|Annual Work Programme | 
 +|**CBO**|Community-Based Organisation| ​
 +|**CfP**|Call for Proposal | 
 +|**CIR** |Common Implementing Rules| ​  
 +|**CiSocH**| Civil Society Help Desk| 
 +|**CSO**| Civil Society Organisation|
 +|**CSP**|Country Strategy Paper  | 
 +|**DCI**| Development Cooperation Instrument| ​
 +|**DG**|Directorate-General|  ​
 +|**DG ELARG**|Directorate-General Enlargement |
 +|**DG-DEVCO**|Directorate-General for Development and Cooperation| ​  
 +|**DG-ECFIN**|Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs)| ​
 +|**DG-ECHO**|Directorate-General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection| ​
 +|**DG-FPI** |Service for Foreign Policy Instruments|
 +|**EC** |European Commission| ​
 +|**ECAS** |European Commission Authentication Service|  ​
 +|**EDF** |European Development Fund| 
 +|**EEAS** |European External Action Service|
 +|**EIDHR** |Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights | 
 +|**ENI** |European Neighbourhood Instrument | 
 +|**EPA** |Economic Partnership Agreements|
 +|**EU** |European Union|
 +|**EUEI** |European Union Energy Initiative for poverty eradication and sustainable development| ​
 +|**FAQ** |Frequently Asked Questions|
 +|**HIV** |Human Immuno-deficiency Virus|
 +|**HQ** |Head Quarter|
 +|**ILO** |International Labour Organisation|
 +|**INSC** |Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation|
 +|**IP** |Implementing partners |
 +|**IPA II** |Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance |
 +|**Isp** |Instrument contributing to stability and peace|
 +|**LA** |Local Authorities|
 +|**LEF** |Legal Entity File|
 +|**LFA** |Logical Framework Approach|
 +|**Logframe** |Logical Framework Matrix| ​
 +|**M&​E** |Monitoring and Evaluation| ​  |
 +|**MDGs** |Millennium Development Goals|
 +|**MFF** | Multiannual Financial Framework|
 +|**MoU** |Memorandum of Understanding|
 +|**NGO** |Non Governmental Organisation| ​
 +|**NIP** |National Indicative Programme |
 +|**NSA** |Non State Actor |
 +|**OCTs** |Overseas Countries and Territories| ​
 +|**PADOR** |Potential Applicant Data On-line Registration|
 +|**PC** |Personal Computer|
 +|**PCD** |Policy Coherence for Development|
 +|**PCM** |Project Cycle Management|
 +|**PI** |Partnership Instrument |
 +|**PRAG** |Procurement and Grants for European External Actions|
 +|**RIP** |Regional indicative Programme|
 +|**RSP ** |Regional Strategy Paper|
 +|**TEC** |Treaty of the European Union|
 +|**ToR** | Term of Reference|
 +|**UN** |United Nations|
 +|**US** | United States|
 +|**VAT** | Value Added Tax|