How to prepare a budgeted communication and visibility plan

✔ the communication & visibility plan is to be proportionate to the nature, extent and width of the Action
✔ The key audience and the related expected objectives are to be identified for all communication and visibility activities
✔ Appropriate human resources and other resources have to be allocated to implement the plan

EuropeAid has clear rules on communication and visibility. A budgeted communication and visibility plan must be included in any EC-funded or co-funded action, highlighting the external communication activities that need to take place at key project stages. The level of detail should be proportionate to the nature, extent and cost of the communication activities envisaged, which clearly depend on the width of the action. Any implementing organisation should care of identifying and focussing first and foremost on the key audiences in the beneficiary country, which will be the most impacted by the project.

The communication and visibility plan should include the following information:

  1. General communication strategy:
    • overall communication objectives;
    • target groups;
    • specific objectives for each target group.
  2. Communication activities:
    • activities covered by the plan, including type and of activity and who will carry it out;
    • communication tools chosen and motivation.
  3. Indicators of achievement:
    • assign an indicator of achievement to each communication tool chosen;
  4. Resources:
    • Human resources: description of the personnel dedicated to communication activities and time frame;
    • budget required to implement the communication activities (in absolute figures and in percentage to the overall budget).

In the first section the implementing organisation envisages that the project beneficiaries be aware of its role and that of the EC, and identifies target groups who to address the information. The specific objectives tackling the target groups must be in line with those stated in the logical framework at proposal stage. The same holds true for the resources employed and the indicators of achievement: the plan should be in line with the project logic laid down in the Logframe matrix.

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