Visibility and communication

Communication and visibility are key aspects of the management of EC External Cooperation programmes. Unless in fact the EC agrees or requests otherwise, the Beneficiary(ies) shall take all necessary steps to publicise the fact that the EU has financed or co-financed the Action (art. 6 – General Conditions).

In all actions communication and visibility activities should be therefore properly planned. As a general rule to development organisations, the main aspects to be highlighted should reflect the partnership with the EU and the impact/achievements of the action, rather than the way it is implemented. In doing this a close coordination with the EC Delegation in the Partner country or the relevant office in Brussels should be sought.

The Communication and Visibility Manual for the European Union External Actions, hereafter the Manual, summarizes the key elements of the strategy adopted to ensure appropriate visibility to EU-funded and co-funded actions, and the communications and visibility activities of the action have to comply with it. The Coordinator is required to submit a communication plan for the approval of the EU and report on its implementation.
The Manual provides for specific indications for all communication and visibility activities. Please note that the expression “implementing partners” is used in the context of the EC communication and visibility Manual to mean the agencies and public bodies benefiting from EU financial support, beneficiaries of grants, project management units and any other entity carrying out an action funded or co-funded by the EU.
Each implementing partner should make sure that its project proposal and workplan include specific activities which acknowledge the funding support received from the Commission. The cost of these activities must be foreseen in the budget, implemented and reported within the standard forms and deadlines.

The Communication and Visibility Manual for the European Union External Actions

The Communication and Visibility Manual includes four annexes in which you can find futher detailed information concerning different aspects of the related issue:

  • Annex I:the communication matrix: how and when to communicate what to whom?
  • Annex II:eu visual identity elements
  • Annex III:templates for communication products
  • Annex IV:definitions & general statements

Every communication material must includes:

The common element branding all EUfunded actions is the EU flag which must be prominently displayed as specified in this manual on all materials produced by the contractor, implementing partner or international organisation. From The Communication and Visibility Manual for the European Union External Actions

“This publication has been produced with the assistance of the European Union. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of <name of the author/contractor/implementing partner/ international organisation> and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.”

3.Internet Links
All publications produced by contractors or implementing partners should refer to official EU sources for more information and, in particular, to the Europa home page and/or EC Delegation home page.

Resources and useful links:
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