Interim reports

Organisations that received a grant from EuropeAid must comply with the reporting rules and modalities laid down in art. 2 of the General Conditions.

The Beneficiary(ies) shall provide the Contracting Authority with all required information on the implementation of the Action. Reports shall be laid down in a way as to allow comparison of the objective(s), the means envisaged or employed, the results expected and obtained and the budget details for the action. The level of detail in any report should match that of the Description of the Action and the Budget for the Action. Moreover, reports have to:

  • cover the Action as a whole, regardless of which part of it is financed by the Contracting Authority
  • consist of a narrative and financial report drafted using the templates provided in Annex VI of the Contract
  • provide a full account of all aspects of the Action’s implementation for the period covered
  • be drafted in the currency and language of the contract
  • include any update on the Communication Plan
  • include any relevant reports, publications, press releases and updates related to the Action
  • be submitted with the payment requests (Annex V to the Grant contract)

Moreover, the Contracting Authority may request additional information at any time and the Grant Beneficiary must provide it within 30 days of the request.

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