Prepare an intermediate report

✔ Interim (or intermediate) reports include a narrative section, on the implementation of the activities under the reporting period, and a financial section, with a detail of the expenses
✔ templates provided in the contract are to be used

Narrative report

In the interim report, the grant beneficiary is requested to provide the following information:

Report the same general information included in Annex I of the Grant Contract (Description of the Action) about:

  • the project (title, country, beneficiaries)
  • the leading applicant and implementing partners
  • the reporting period

Assessment of implementation of Action activities
Give a global overview of the Action's implementation for the reporting period:

  • activities implemented and assessment of the results: copy and paste expected results from the logframe and comment on them;
  • detailed justification in case there have been any unforeseen positive or negative effects or delays in the implementation of some activities;
  • insert a list of the contracts exceeding € 10,000 awarded during the reporting period, providing details on the type of contracts, value of contracts and procurement procedures applied (table);
  • updated action plan for the next implementation period;
  • beneficiaries/affiliated entities and other cooperation: assessment of the collaboration between the formal partners, between the organization and the local authorities in the country and with other organizations involved in the implementation of the Action (associates, sub-contractors, final beneficiaries, other stakeholders)
  • list of previous relevant EU grants targeting the same area/groups of beneficiaries.

Visibility activities and items produced during the Action to promote the project's outputs and outcomes and the EU as a donor. Include a copy of each item produced: e.g. publications, leaflets, manuals.

Financial report

The financial report is constituted of a set of columns that report the budget as per contract and the expenditures incurred under the reporting period, as follows:


For each of the budget item, the expenditures incurred are to be entered with their units, unit value (in euro), and their total cost (in euro). Cumulated costs, before current report and from start of the implementation to present report included, are to be added to.
Additional information on expenditure incurred in local or other currencies than the euro (or the currency of the Contract) may be asked by the Contracting Authority.
Costs incurred in other currencies than the one used in the Beneficiary(ies)’s accounts shall be converted using the monthly Inforeuro on the date of payment or according to its usual accounting practices if so provided for in the Special Conditions.

Figures have to be rounded at the nearest EURO cent. The grant beneficiary is required to report the allowed reallocation between budget heading of max 25% on the relative column, together with the use of contingencies where applicable.

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